Yahoo! vs Google rap finale

In de finale van de Search Engine rap battle neemt Yahoo! het op tegen Google.

Lyrics :

His skin is so pale, he’s already fatigued
The only sports you play are in my fantasy league
Look at this guy, hes so white that its scary
This guy is whiter than Sergei and Larry
I heard your new motto for saving the world
You do no evil, if evil’s a girl
My design is the biggest, yours is much smaller
That rainbow is fruity, like your free Odwalla
Uh, and who’s countin too?
You asked Jeeves for a brokeback mountain view
You haven’t changed your style since 1992
You cant get my name out your head, Ya-hoo!

Who is this guy? is he still alive folks?
I thought he died with Alta Vista and Lycos
Im smarter than you, and you know it, its sad
Thats why you pay me to serve all your ads
You got no game, youre old like Atari,
I tried to load his homepage – it broke on Safari
Tell me cowboy, do you feel lucky?
Im the good, hes the bad, youre just the ugly
Trying too hard, your design is insane
This guy has an exclamation point in his name!
You wanna test my manhood? you’ll see my stock rise
Lets both lift our hoods and compare index size


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