MSN vs Yahoo!

Ditmaal neemt MSN het op tegen Yahoo! in de Search Engine Rap Battle.

Lyrics MSN vs Yahoo!

You aint intellectual, I own all the property
your whole board walks, while I win at this monopoly
I serve the world. you should ask ya momma
cuz Bill Gates might have been your real founding father
I’m blowin up, without the VC,
Remember it was me who invented the PC
Your just an upstart – you think you got smarts?
But I’m the V12, you’re just the spare parts
Check out the stash – the dirty leg-chaps,
You’d think he would be cleaner, with all that Ajax
Your styles innappropriate, sites even more so
Yahoo Hot Jobs sounds like a porno

Your users got questions – Yahoo’s got answers
You look like a blue-man group back-up dancer
You can’t fly, your design is so heavy,
The only hotmail you got is when Ballmer gets sweaty
Youre so old and slow, youre behind the times
Your stock hasnt gone up since 99
You must wanna get hurt, huh M-S-N?
Your name’s an acronym, for S-N-M
Are you MSN search? Or MSN Live?
It takes more than changing your name to survive
I’m the best in the West, get it straight, ya see
40 billion couldnt buy you a date with me


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